Our First Acupuncture + Singalong: Buffy Musical!

On Tuesday the clinic held its first Acupuncture + Singalong session, and it was so fun! The music was Once More with Feeling, the soundtrack from the musical episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. The music played over the clinic speaker, everyone was needled with the same treatment, and everyone just sang their hearts out.

People were lying back in the recliners with their eyes closed as usual, so they were singing up toward the ceiling, while the speaker was turned up loud and aimed into the room. Because of this, you could hear that other people were singing, but mostly you heard the speaker — kind of like when you turn up the radio really loud and you’re singing by yourself in the car.

The treatment was aimed at moving lung qi, reducing anxiety, and stimulating the vagus nerve…. all things that singing does, too. It was very cool to be lying back in the chair singing and feel the vibrations in your body. The time went by quickly, and everyone had a great time.

More singalongs are coming up! The next one is Saturday morning, December 28, a mix of Indigo Girls favorites from their first ten years of albums. In January there will be a singalong every Tuesday at 6pm and Saturday at 10am. Tuesday evenings will be musical soundtracks, while Saturday mornings will be mellow singer-songwriters.

December 28, 2019: Indigo Girls, some favorites from 1987-1997
January 4, 2020: Simon & Garfunkel, Concert in Central Park (Live)
January 7, 2020: Hamilton, Disc 1
January 11, 2020: Tracy Chapman, Tracy Chapman
January 14, 2020: Hamilton, Disc 2
January 18, 2020: Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young, So Far
January 21, 2020: Rent, Disc 1
January 25, 2020: Joni Mitchell, Blue
January 28, 2020: Rent, Disc 2

Want to suggest another music genre or specific albums for future singalongs? Head to the singalong suggestion survey

Want to grab a seat for one of the upcoming singalong treatment sessions? On the Make an Appointment page, just scroll down to the Singalongs sections and choose the date(s) for the album(s) you want to sing with. 

Want to set up a private singalong session for you and your friends with the music of your choosing? Use the contact form to get in touch or ask the next time you’re in the clinic. 

For more general information, check out Acupuncture + Singalongs.