Acupuncture + Singalong: Indigo Girls

Our next singalong session is coming up on Saturday, December 28, at 10am and will be a mix of Indigo Girls favorites from their first ten years of albums. Since it’s not an existing ‘greatest hits’ collection, here’s the playlist on Spotify and YouTube, if you want to make sure you know all the songs.

Track list: Crazy Game (Strange Fire); Closer to Fine, Secure Yourself, land of Canaan (Indigo Girls), Hammer and Nail, Watershed, You and Me of the 10,000 Wars (Nomads Indians Saints); Galileo, Ghost, Joking, Love Will Come to You, Let It Be Me (Rites of Passage); Least Complicated, Power of Two (Swamp Ophelia); Get Out the Map, Shame on You (Shaming of the Sun).

Singalongs are available to returning patients only, and require an appointment — no walk-ins. Same price as regular treatments. Sign up now!